January 02, 2018

Hurrah for 2017!

From the bright-eyed diligence, infatuation, to bittersweet goodbyes, 2017 swept and tossed us like the proverbial plastic bag. It's as if I've gone through a lifetime's worth of experiences, and surely, I wasn't the only one. Heck, I even went through a rollercoaster ride in the fandom I'm in. (a big hug to ARMYs around the world)

By the last quarter, I was left physically and mentally spent, which led me to literally stop everything I was doing. Everything came to a halt, and I embraced the stillness to a point where I have almost forgotten all these that I am grateful for. I didn't blog for a year, so this is gonna be a lot:


1. Career Advancement - Within 3 years, I was able to climb the corporate ladder here in the Philippines after coming home from Sydney last 2014, all thanks to the people who believed and supported me. I have been mentored by the best leaders of the brands I handled, and I am forever indebted to them. With their guidance, I was able to take part in the creation of different campaigns, strategies and guidelines that would hopefully benefit the companies in the years to come. Kahit magamit lang nila ng 6 months, masaya na ako.

2. Minimalism and Financial Literacy - My dad provided me with a great deal of financial education last 2016, and I was happily able to apply it in 2017. Slowly, I was able to lead a minimalist lifestyle with my purchases cut down in half. I became more meticulous when it came to my finances, but still took risks. I ventured into a business and diversified my investments. (wow, adulting).

3. My Sister's Wedding - This is the first wedding in our family, and even in our generation in my dad's clan, so the celebration will be more or less a big family reunion. I was informed that a lot of the attendees are now trying to shed extra pounds for this event (push natin lahat yan). As the Maid-Of-Honor, I am tasked to assist the bride in everything. Now I see why people just go to Vegas. 

4. Rest and Recovery - As mentioned, I took the opportunity in the last quarter to assess, reflect and recover both physically and mentally. I started running and swimming almost everyday, I ate healthier and even stopped dating (which took like 54.36% of stress away from my life). I was also very selective of the people I meet, and spent more time with my loved ones. My sister is migrating to the US, so this is the perfect opportunity to be with my family as whole.


I'm only including places with the happiest memories

From Left to right:

1. Baguio 
2. Penang (A beautiful, artsy island in Malaysia known for its UNESCO World Heritage Site )
3. Kuala Lumpur (2nd time in KL but 1st time to have my pic taken with the Petronas in the morning)
4. Singapore (4th time in SG but it was my first time to visit Gardens by the Bay. Go figure.)
5. Marcia Adams 
6. Sofitel 
7. Henry Hotel 
8. Taal Lake
9. UPLB 
10. Cebu (2nd time in Cebu but 1st time to go Canyoneering. What an imposing sight. A big thanks to Egan of nhagzventures.com for being our tour guide.)
11. Subic 
12. Acuaverde (1st time to take the whole family with all 3 of our dogs to the beach. This is one of my happiest memories of 2017.)


From Left to right:
1. Pyro Musical Competition 2017
2. Wanderland Music and Arts Festival
3. I conducted 2 lectures in Lyceum of the Philippines University, thanks to my best friend Gail. 
    (I am passionate about teaching. I really want to pursue it as a profession.)
4. Digital conventions
5. An immensely interesting workshop/hobby I would like to undertake even further
6. Max's Bowls Film Shoot

my birthday celebration:

From Left to right:
1. I'M Hotel (spa and onsen)
2. Golden Sands Shangri-La, Penang
3-4. Surprise birthday cake from my sister in her condo in Malaysia
5. Surprise Birthday lunch with Max's officemates
6. Surprise bouquet from someone

Oo, puro gulatan noong birthday ko. Thanks, guuuyyyssseu.


From Left to right:
1. Farewell resignation gifts from my Globe Postpaid Team 
2. New Office
3. New condo with an awesome view
4. Healthier lifestyle
5. New family c/o my in-laws
6. Bedroom renovation in my parents' house 
(I'm just ecstatic on how it turned out. I donated and threw 75-80% of my belongings. Minimalist lifestyle all the way.)
7-9. All About Hair: Blue waterfalls hair---short blonde---Back to black



my Globe teams: Postpaid, GOTs, Broadway, CMS and AdSpark
My girlfriends, esp Ralen, Pam, and Gail who have been there through everything, digital friends and special mention talaga si Jen, my very talented graphic artist for all my Globe projects, who shares my passion for art and music.

My friends from Max's and MGI teams/leaders, esp Gail, James, and Arianne for your patience, love and support. Thank you so much to Carat, Petch, JAW, Pabrika, Google and all our other agencies who made our campaigns possible. Events and ads galore. 
And of course, to my every loving and supportive families.
 to our Wedding crew hahaha
And to the strongest, bravest, most amazing human being I know, my Lola.

We may not have pics together, but I'm also wishing a blessed 2018 to the nurses, doctors, staff and friends in Makati Med and Asian Hospital. I will never forget your kindness. 


Josh introduced me to No Tomorrow and this show motivated me to create an APOCALIST. Thank you so much, Josh and Zane for checking up on me. May you two have the best years ahead. 
I also started a passion project on Instagram curating artworks.

BTS made me so happy last year. I've never been a huge fan of any band, but once you become a BTS ARMY, you CANNOT get out of it.

Quick facts:
1. They all came from provinces in Korea and started with a relatively small, and unknown agency. 
2. With minimal budget, they were able to become the #1 Korean boy group through savvy digital marketing, hard work and pure talent.
3. Current economic value: 1 TRILLION WON or 920 million USD.  
4. They write their own songs, about social issues such as prejudice, bullying and mental illness
5. They base some of their songs and aesthetic on classical art, music and literature, such as Herman Hesse's "Demian," D. Buxtehude's Passacaglia in D minor, a painting called "The Fall of the Rebel Angels" by Bruegel, Edith Piaf's "Non je ne regrette rien" for the song "House of Cards," and so on.
5. They've launched a campaign with UNICEF Korea called #LoveYourself
6. They have a strong fan base around the world with ages ranging from 13-50yo. They even have fans in Africa!
7. Anything they promote/advertise trends, gets sold out within minutes or increases in sales/market value.
8. America is currently all over them with diff celebs praising them. They were featured in Billboard Music Awards, performed in American Music Awards, Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, James Cordon and Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve
9. They were in Forbes Korea’s Power Celebrity list of 2017
10. They were No.1 in 73 countries for "Love Yourself: Her" on iTunes charts following its release.

 They're hilarious, humble and the fandom is just too witty. No joke, I've developed smile lines from constant laughing at Twitter and YouTube's comment sections.  I'll stop now or this will turn into a BTS post. But, if you want to check them out, watch FireNot Today and Dope

So, to summarize 2017:

According to my Chinese Horoscope, 2018- Year of the Dog won't be too kind to us Dragons. 
K. Dasal dasal nalang. And if you've read this far, I'll be sharing this learning from my 2013 post which still applies this year: You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew. 
Onwards then. 


Oh and here are my past Hurrahs. They're a bit different each year as they should be.

Questions? Talk to me here: Millie's Ask.FM

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January 01, 2017

Hurrah for 2016!

2016 was a good learning year for me. It felt a bit quiet, but it was a year where I have started to discover what I really wanted for my career, for my partner and for my growth. There is a bit of excitement entering 2017, all thanks to these:

1. Still in the same company, I started my new role in Marketing last year. I was given a lot of freedom to manage the business, strategize and implement several campaigns. My knowledge has expanded from Digital Strategies to Market Research, Device Marketing, E-Commerce, UX/UI, and of course, Sales. I have learned from the best and most amazing people in the industry, both from my team, and our partners. Thank you so much, Postpaid, DPM, CMS, AdSpark, RTM and Huawei teams! I could not be more thankful for this opportunity. 

2. Being able to watch BTS and EXO live. I'm not a huge KPOP fan but I love BTS.

3. Closure. I knew I needed closure when I watched The Naked and Famous live at Wanderland. They sang a very familiar song, "No Way" which I used for a video compilation of my relationship with Mark back when we were younger. The song gave me goosebumps, I was sobbing by the end. Fast forward to October, by chance, we passed by each other at BGC, after a year of no communication. For an hour, in a restaurant I have often commented that smelled and felt like Sydney, I was finally able to have closure with him.  

4. A few weeks before, I was also able to 'confess' my feelings to this person. The events surrounding it were so surreal, but I felt relieved. That was a big thorn off my chest. 

5. Financial Literacy. For the first time, I attended a financial seminar conducted by my very own father, and it blew me away. It was one of those eureka moments, and now, I am literally throwing and getting rid of my liabilities, and am more determined than ever to invest, diversify and grow my finances. 2017 will be a year of minimalist lifestyle for me. 

6. My health condition has also improved. Thank God!

Other than exploring Taiwan with my family, I have been living in BGC's concrete jungle for 2 years that I made sure my weekend getaways consisted of strolling in lush gardens and blue waters in both the South and the North.  2016 was also the year I realized that I love traveling, but found career and financial growth to be more rewarding. I have been traveling and living in different places since 2005, I guess, it was time for me to settle down. As for 2017, "wanderlusting" is not really a priority. 

 The only colors that were planned here were the gray and purple. After coloring my hair purple, it sort of took a life of its own, changing hues every time I wash. Now, my hair is of a gray-ish green color with a bit of purple and blue. I honestly don't know what to do with it next.

These were happy memories, spent with people I treasure. As you can see, most of the "happenings" here are extremely Tita. LOL

L-R from the top
1. Assisted my sister's first art workshop
2.-3 Zet's wedding and a reunion with my BOIE friends
4. I'm a godmother (again) to Sonny and Jenn's cute baby, Icoy
5. It's always fun with Jerica and Pam
6. Missing Ralen so much. I'm glad we were able to bond even for a short time
7. 24? 25? years of friendship with Paolo and Kaytee
8. My UPLB zen dinners with She
9. Reflective lunches with Liz
10. Christmas party bonding with Educ and meeting a wonderful person named Justin
11.  Every moment with my bestfriend, Gail
12. Family bonding during my cute nephew, CJ's christening
13. Morales, Tejada, Orellana, Uy dinners are the best
14. Tasting the Guzman's awesome cooking in their restaurant
15. Lovely lunches and laughs with my Project One girlfriends
16. Late night laughter with Pam and COD boys earlier last year

And of course, my family, my dogs and Ate Sally's family, all of whom I love. Thank you for your unconditional love and support.

I highly recommend these, particularly, A Monster Calls.

Quite frankly, reading through my post, my 2016 seemed too "tame" from my previous Hurrahs, but it's not really the case. There were several misadventures, very interesting characters, side shows and whatnots, that I think only my close office friend knows, and that I prefer not to divulge on the Internet. haha!

As for 2017, my main goal is to take active steps to have a happier work-life balance and relationships, healthier body and wallet. I will limit my purchases, lead a minimalist lifestyle, manage both my career and finances as a top priority. More importantly, I want to put my faith above everything. It's all about what matters inside than what people see outside. 


Oh and here are my past Hurrahs. They're a bit different each year as they should be.

Questions? Talk to me here: Millie's Ask.FM

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June 05, 2016

Nlighten Korean Products Review

 When I was asked to do a product review for my blog, I hesitated a bit due to my busy schedule. But when I heard these were premium Korean products, I knew I had to try them. Nlighten is a Korean brand distributed by NWorld and was launched around August, 2015.

 Koreans are known for creating amazing, quality beauty products, hence, when I was informed that I would be receiving 4 products, it made me feel like Christmas. I tested all 4 items for a week. For the face: Nlighten Cloud Cream, Nlighten O2 Bubble Cleanser and Nlighten CC Cushion. For the body, it's Nlighten Body Cream. 

Some notes to know before proceeding: 
I have acidic skin
 I used them for 7 days in a tropical country with high levels of humidity
I used MAC NC30 pressed powder on top of the CC Cushion
I stopped using my other beauty products for a week to give way to these items
After the O2 Bubble Cleanser, I used L'Oreal facial wash out of habit
Before I used all products, we had a swimming excursion in Los Banos Laguna so I was bit darker
This is going to be a short, quick review of each product

With that out of the way, here are my findings, hope this helps :)

1. Nlighten Cloud Cream
 Cream Claims 
Net wt. 30g
P 1,450

πŸ”…Provides an instant whitening effect
πŸ”…Helps achieve a more healthy and glowing skin 
    πŸ”… Helps maintain an even skin tone 
    πŸ”… Helps diminishes dark spots 
    πŸ”… Helps limit the over-production of melanin 
    πŸ”… Helps reduce the signs of ageing 
    πŸ”… Helps protect the skin from UVA & UVB rays (Sun Block - spf 20) 
    πŸ”… Helps dry pimples 
    πŸ”… No make up look 
    πŸ”… Helps achieve a pinkish white glow

    How to use Cloud Cream:
    ✔Open the jar
    ✔Remove plastic cover (don't throw the cover)
    ✔Use the spoon to mix the cream
    ✔Then use the spoon again and apply a small amount on your T-zone, cheeks, and chin
    ✔Spread the cream through a circular motion on your skin until full coverage

        ✔Packaging is really good. Sturdy and sleek.
✔Easy to apply
✔Really soft and a few swabs go a long way

XGave me dry patches on my face
XA bit sticky and itchy
XNot for sensitive skin

    2. Nlighten Body Cream
 πŸ‹Body Cream Claims 
Net wt. 100g 
P 1,350 
πŸ”… Non-sticky lightening cream 
πŸ”… Present brightening effect 
πŸ”… Enriched with natural ingredients of various essential vitamins 
πŸ”… Helps nourish the skin and enhance the skin's natural protective barrier leaving the skin nourished 
πŸ”… It also helps protect the skin from UVA & UVB rays 
πŸ”… Good for all skin types

How to use Body Cream:
✔Spread a right amount on your body
✔Gently massage
✔For best result use daily.

✔Packaging is really good. Sturdy and sleek.
✔Easy to apply
✔Really soft to touch
✔Results are slightly seen within a week
✔Smells good

  •  Cream on my sister's hand. My sister is a bit darker than me.
    Left: with the cream, Right: without. You can see a very slight difference in color. I'm not sure whether the it has some BB cream in it or reflectors, but once you apply the product, it instantly brightens the skin.

3. Nlighten O2 Bubble Cleanser
πŸ“O2 Bubble Cleanser Claims
Net wt. 70ml
πŸ”… Helps hydrate & rejuvenate the skin
πŸ”… Contains outstanding Oxygen Therapy and various essentials which help relieve the skin from dead skin cells, sebum and impurities
πŸ”… Good for all skin types 

How To Use Nlighten O2 Bubble :
✔2-4 Pumps
✔apply it your dry face
✔leave it for 1 minute and enjoy while enjoying the formulation of oxygen bubbles
✔massage your gently while removing the bubbles
✔rinse off with lukewarm water.

✔Packaging is really good. Sturdy and sleek. Having a pump is usually good.
✔Easy to apply
✔Probably my fave
✔You can really feel the bubbles forming on your face
✔Smells good
✔Thoroughly cleanses


4. Nlighten CC Cushion
Cushion Claims 
Net wt. 15g
πŸ”… Color Control Cushion
πŸ”… Is a revolutionary air cushion technology
πŸ”… Helps achieve a flawless coverage
πŸ”… Helps lighten the skin
πŸ”… Helps prevent the signs of ageing and serve as sun protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays through its broad spectrum SPF 50+ /PA +++. 

πŸ”… Helps obtain a nourished skin with its superior anti-oxidant and hydration contents and ensures a luminous finish by filling the micro lines efficiently
πŸ”… For all skin types

How To Use CC Cushion:
✔Apply by pressing the puff into an "essenced" sponge 

✔gently pat it onto your face
✔For touch ups, re-apply as desired

✔Packaging is sturdy and sleek.
✔Easy to apply
✔Smells good
✔Looks good after setting
✔Coverage is light to medium but was able to cover a lot of my blemishes
✔Brightens dull skin

XPackaging is a bit bulky for my make-up kit
XThe color in sponge doesn't match the actual product
XToo white for my skin 
XCan be a bit sticky on my acidic skin

Left side: with CC cushion, 
Right: bare face. White cast galore. 
Left side: with CC cushion
 Right: bare face but both with MAC NC30 pressed powder. 
As you can see, adding a bit of pressed powder evens the CC cushion a bit. 
Full face with CC cushion + MAC NC30 pressed powder taken after 30 mins when the products have settled a bit. 
There's still a bit of white cast, but it's not as harsh as the first application. 

Overall: The items are a bit pricier than your average Korean beauty products, but the packaging and quality make up for it. Would I purchase them in the future? Maybe the Body Cream and the O2 Bubble Cleanser. I'm very particular when it comes to make-up so the CC Cushion isn't for me. Maybe if they have a bigger range of shades that could accommodate darker, Filipina skin? All in all, these are good products and if you're an adventurous shopper with cash to spare, you should definitely try them.

To know more about Nlighten, you can visit their website: 

or contact Chon and Faye to order:
Chon - 0943 551 1188
Faye - 0943 551 1184

Questions? Talk to me here: Millie's Ask.FM

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Listening to: BTS
Loving:  my puppies
Watching: Penny Dreadful Season 3

February 27, 2016

Some 90 Things I Did Before Turning 30

So the biggest question is, how did an Asian baby turn into a sort of western looking woman without plastic surgery? The answer is a great combination of intense make-up, hair color, filter and good ol adulthood.

This post was inspired by the Female Network's article "Things You Need To Do for Yourself Before Turining 30." In 2 years, I'll be 30 and I'm currently in a state where I'm mellowing down and settling just a tad bit. It's good to reminisce some of the things that went on, as I slowly close the greatest decade of my life. Here are some 90 things I did that I can safely share:

  1. Ran to the nearest train station when I was chased by an angry mob in Thailand after trying to help a foreign couple from getting scammed
  2. Maintained a calm facade when I was mistaken for a terrorist in Sydney airport. Experienced being searched and interrogated in a tiny room with no contact to the outside world. On the bright side, my story was featured on national TV in the now defunct, Mel and Joey
  3. Conquered my frog phobia by eating frog at a classy French restau in Paris
  4. Taught English, Marketing and Advertising to inmates inside the New Bilibid Prison 
  5. Ditched a friend who treated me badly for years
  6. Finally went to an Evangelion Store in Japan
  7. Watched an actual K-pop concert -EXO and held hands with my favorite idols
  8. Allowed myself to be swept away by some Christian Grey characters 
  9. Became a certified make-up artist
  10. Rode a vintage Jaguar in the middle of Phnom Penh
  11. Learned Nihonggo/Japanese language and was actually able to use it in Japan
  12. Rode an elephant in Bali (which I'll never do again)
  13. Dined in this secret/hidden bar in Japan where they served the freshest sushi, and ultimately paid one of the most expensive food bills we've ever had and will ever have in our entire existence
  14. Traversed a farm in New Zealand in the middle of the night only to be spooked by the huge cows popping up when I pointed my flashlight at them
  15. Rode a gondola in Venice while watching the sunset

  16. Studied abroad, aced exams and received a partial scholarship because of high grades...and not accept said scholarship 
  17. Stood in line for 7 hours for the Game Of Thrones Exhibit in Sydney
  18. Occupied an old French mansion by the Mekong River in Laos and got sick the whole time
  19. Danced, sang and ran with glee at Mardi Gras 
  20. Spent wonderful moments with my grandmothers. I love, love listening to their childhood and romantic stories!
  21. Joined a cheering competition and embarrassed myself
  22. Participated in elocution contests and actually won a trophy almost taller than me
  23. Hiked mountains in my Air Max because I was stupid and I didn't know you shouldn't do that
  24. Helped a student who passed out in front of the toilet stall I was in
  25. Watched a breath-taking sunrise on a field in the province with my friends, after getting trashed the night before, even though I wasn't even drunk, so yeah, I remembered EVERYTHING
  26. Sang my lungs out with drunk frat boys and sorority girls, with their guitars and drums until morning. Again, I was the only one SOBER because I don't drink. And mind you, they were like little brothers and sisters to me, so it's not the crazy shiz they portray in movies. 
  27. Celebrated my "debut" or my 18th birthday with my inmate students inside the prisons
  28. Road-trips around Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines
  29. Braved former torture buildings and open graves in Cambodia, and died a little for humanity
  30. Watched the sunrise and sunset in Angkor Wat whilst listening to different stories of the people we met, particularly the genocide victims of Cambodia
  31. Visited museums, exhibitions and experienced the works of the greatest artists in the world from the classics: Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Goya, Mucha to contemporaries: Warhol, Pollock, Yayoi Kusama, Yoko Ono, Tabaimo Mekurumeku and some more new names I appreciated but forgot
  32. Immersed with a family I barely knew in Borbon, Cebu and rejuvenated my tired soul
  33. Chatted with my seatmate on the plane, a cool guy who just had his whole back tattooed with wings, during our 10 hour flight to Australia. We did not stop talking, we did not sleep at all
  34. Flew to Singapore to see Harry Potter, The Exhibition, and was able to see Andy Warhol's original works from his exhibit
  35. Accidentally saw Star Wars, The Exhibition with my family which brought great delight 
  36. Ate warm chilli at the summit of Mt. Pilatus in Switzerland 
  37. Wore a full geisha ensemble, complete with hair and make-up in Gion, Kyoto
  38. Walked fully naked in front of women in a traditional Japanese Onsen and spasmed over seeing the life-size Gundam of Odaiba
  39. Had a "fight" with a monkey who stole my Ray-Ban's in Bali. Ok, so I think I panicked more rather than fight.
  40. Was the only person with Tara McPherson in the bathroom and forgot to introduce myself
  41. Survived a major typhoon out in the open fields of UPLB after being stranded with almost no food, water and electricity
  42. Touched Juliet's boob in Verona, Italy
  43. Ate Belgian chocolate in Belgium. Orayt!
  44. Dated a Lithuanian guy who looked like an Aryan prince
  45. Was devoured by massive waves at Bondi beach, and walked in horror with my swimsuit half gone
  46. Collected costumes, wigs and cosplayed in different cosplay events
  47. Stayed in a tiny room in HongKong during winter and loved every minute of it
  48. Threw freshly bought and expensive shoes in the garbage to make a statement... a stupid one
  49. Cruised the Rhine river in Germany and marvelled at the medieval-GOT-esque castles along the way
  50. Acted as a drug addict, a nurse, a trophy girlfriend etc. in short, indie films
  51. Consoled a crying doctor I didn't know in a bathroom. I've never seen a crying doctor in the hospital. It was heartbreaking
  52. Was threatened by a lawyer who wanted to do illegal things with his estranged wife's money, only to hang up when I reminded him that his phone call was recorded 
  53. Abused my hair. Colored my hair brown, platinum blonde, gray, pink, red, strawberry blonde. Cut it super short for a year and was mistaken for a lesbian, then got these long and expensive hair extensions in Thailand made from the treated, virgin hair of a young Vietnamese kid. Actually wrote an academic paper about it and the hair trade in Southeast Asian countries.
  54. Fought for a promotion
  55. Met some interesting characters, from kind, wizened old people on the streets, good and corrupt politicians, philanthropists, unsung heroes in obscure communities, heirs/heiresses of different nationalities, a single South African dad with a very interesting story, Colombian/Brazilian models, brave soldiers, people with terrible secrets, an orphan who became a seminarian-shot someone in self defense and was imprisoned, to a UST ROTC officer who killed a student, and most recently, a Filo smart-ass who had a legit boyband that covered Kpop dances and was actually sent to Korea to meet different Kpop artists and dancers. He now works as a Social Media person for some notorious political figures whom I will not vote for the life of me. 
  56. Was featured in Nat's (communitychannel) "PornoMusic/CommentTime" Natalie Tran is a Vietnamese-Australian youtuber I've been following for years, so this is kind of a big deal
  57. Was featured in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho for my love of vintage fashion
  58. Escaped from two roommates who happened to be a drug addict/pusher, and a mistress of a bank executive. I was new in the area and needed a room in a nice condo, asap. I joined those two strangers not knowing how crazy they were. I should've realized they were bad news when they told me that 3 girls left before me. Only stayed with them for 2 months
  59. Explored London, and rode the London Eye 
  60. Did the make-up/photoshoot of a budding model who would become a Ford Supermodel of the World finalist
  61. Dove to see sunken Japanese ships in different wreck sites in Palawan
  62. Watched live pigs getting slaughtered. The whole brutal process.
  63. Fell in love with a guy and have not told him until now
  64. Witnessed a massive car crash/pile up that we missed by a few seconds
  65. Planned a wedding that got cancelled
  66. Enjoyed working for corporate companies and being a corporate slave
  67. Took care of 6 shih tzus at once and almost went mad
  68. Listened to Armi and UDD in a tiny cafe where I was able to experience their music in all its glory
  69. Savored Urbandub's concerts with 4 different, special people. Different people, different love affairs, same songs, same sad endings.
  70. Celebrated my birthday in a posh hotel in Sydney overlooking the Opera House and harbour, and devoured an expensive degustation menu, only to vommit everything back at home. I cannot handle too much food.
  71. Drank Singapore Sling from the Raffles in Singapore, at their vintage bar where the drink actually originated...only to vommit it (again) back in the hotel room. I cannot handle alcohol.
  72. Marathoned my fave TV shows, finishing several seasons in a few days and watching ALL of the youtube videos of my favorite Kpop band for weeks
  73. Fought for my best friend, fought for my friends, fought for my family
  74. Punched some rude men
  75. Shook hands and painfully smiled at the man who almost had my father killed
  76. Cried like there was no tomorrow over the deaths of my loved ones
  77. Ended my 8-year relationship in the most distressing and shocking manner
  78. Participated in art exhibitions
  79. Climbed mango, star apple and guava trees, and ate their fruits whilst sitting on their branches
  80. Nursed a dying, old neighbor of my grandmother when I was younger. She was a kind, frail, old woman who would give us free candies from her store. I stayed with her for one whole afternoon on her deathbed.
  81. Invested my money, stayed put in a job, laid low for a year and "adulted"
  82. Saved a bird from a typhoon and nursed it back to health inside our house
  83. Survived 2 near-death experiences
  84. Spent my childhood afternoons catching grasshoppers, playing football and badminton on a grassy field under the scorching sun
  85. Created my own websites using old-school HTML like a boss
  86. Took charge when a friend was hit by a jeepney right in front of me, during my college years. He was my sister's friend and I was the eldest in the group. Rushed him to the hospital, filed for a police report, suddenly adulted at 19
  87. Played with this kind inmate who was assassinated after a few weeks. I was around 6 or 7 at that time
  88. Won over bullies
  89. Supported our helper's kids
  90. Loved passionately with all my being. Naks. 

There are some things I couldn't write down here, the heavy ones, the life-altering ones, some secrets and stories that aren't just mine. Hopefully, I could share them in the next 10 years. These experiences may not be as grand as others, but I'm sure they're quite rich, varied and interesting for a suburban girl from a third-world country. Right now, I'm surprisingly enjoying being a corporate slave and slowing down. My life has become a bit routinary and I spend most of my weekends at home, resting, watching TV shows, reading, walking my dogs, you know, the quiet life. And to be honest, I'm perfectly happy about it. I'm not mellowing down entirely, I just need some time to look back, reflect and appreciate everything.

PS. But ultimately, that picture above is the best motivation a woman could have.
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